The Sequencing and Technology (ST) Core will leverage existing large-scale NGS infrastructure to evaluate the merits of new technologies and determine the most cost effective and expedient means to generate high quality genome assemblies for target pathogens. The experimental models developed in the three research projects (bacteria, virus, and parasite) will provide maximum utility to assess the contribution of these new technologies while simultaneously addressing questions related to infectious disease genomics using proven methods. The Baylor College of Medicine’s (BCM) Center for Metagenomic and Microbiome Research (CMMR) will partner with the Human Genome Sequencing Center (HGSC) to create a comprehensive Sequencing andTechnology Core (ST Core) that will provide data generation for the four GCID research projects as well as develop new technologies for applications in these and other infectious disease studies. In addition to large scale data production, the pursuit of innovative technologies constitutes a major objective for the HGSC and the CMMR, influencing ongoing progress and encompasses all aspects of the overall sequence production workflow.  

Key Personnel

Donna Muzny

Lead - ST Core
Baylor College of Medicine

Harsha Doddapaneni, Ph.D.

Co-Lead- ST Core
Baylor College of Medicine